Student Council hosts virtual events to engage student body during distance learning


Many students attend the popular game nights featuring the internet game “Among Us” hosted by Student Council.

Noa Appelbaum, Content Manager

Student Council has been hosting virtual game nights and discussions on Zoom to bring together the community and boost spirits during distance learning. 

In addition to partnering with administrative and faculty groups to hold forums for topics such as diversity, equity and inclusion, Student Council has also organized relaxing events to bring together individual grade levels. 

According to Sophomore Class President Fermi Boonstra, the Zoom sessions are a good resource for students to connect with each other.

“We have a Zoom link a couple of days in advance, and then, people will kind of trickle in and trickle out,” Fermi said. “It’s really free flowing and there’s not a lot of pressure for people.” 

Maya Herron, who regularly attends the sophomore Zoom sessions, said that while there’s not always many people there, she looks forward to the game nights. 

“I think more people would come if they knew how fun it was,” Maya said. “We just play games and talk, and it’s a really easy-going vibe.”

Some of the most successful turnouts have been game nights featuring “Among Us,” a popular internet game that was released in 2018. 

I think more people would come if they knew how fun it was. We just play games and talk, and it’s a really easy-going vibe”

— Maya Herron

Drawing from the positive response, Student Council is planning more “Among Us” game nights in the future. 

Senior Class President Antonio Gracias said he likes to play the game with his peers because it requires students to be engaged with and talk to one another, something particularly important for seniors who are in the midst of the college application process.

Antonio said, “Morale is super low, especially after seven weeks now in Zoom, so we’re trying to keep up with these game nights.”

Antonio uses the breakout rooms on game nights to connect with seniors individually and offer his support.

Along with the game nights, Student Council members have been trying to bring together the student body in other ways like sending emails and posting on Schoology. 

Freshman Class President Zoe Nathwani said she has been contacting new freshmen individually to welcome them and immerse them into the community, and she hopes to receive feedback through forms and emails from students on how the Student Council is handling this year’s circumstances. 

Junior Class President Brent Pennington has also been posting on Schoology and contacting students individually, and he hopes to talk to as many as possible.

“I go to people around me and ask them if there is a problem. I ask, ‘What is it?’ and when I’m told the problem, I’ll ask around for different solutions, such as from other Student Council members.”