Sophomore, senior team wins Fall Fest Competition


Fall Fest Competition poster

Student participate in activities such as making candy, taking photos and drawing pictures to gather points in the Fall Fest Competition.

Carolyn Gao, Reporter

A team of sophomores and one senior won the first-ever Fall Fest Competition, where teams of students competed to earn the most points by doing certain tasks during the week of Oct. 12-16. 

The team, Sara’s Pumpkins, which included Amelia Zheng, Fermi Boonstra, Amelie Liu, Serena Thomas and Sara Thomas, won with a total of 2,074 points, and each member will receive a $25 gift card as a prize.

According to Serena, participating in the competition was a great opportunity to do something fun together with friends during distance learning. She said she would definitely do it again if held in future years. 

A variety of fun tasks were available, from making a favorite Halloween candy at home or having a ghost photoshoot, to drawing pictures of a teacher and sending it to them, with bonus points if they sent one back. Serena said her favorite task was designing a Halloween makeup look, which she did on one of her friends.

The tasks ranged from small ones worth a few points, to ones that would take longer but were worth more, such as singing the “Monster Mash” from memory, which was worth 35 points. 

Serena said she believes what set her team apart from others and helped them win was that they were committed and equipped with the winning mentality from the start.