New club to discuss issues and find solutions to social problems


Sofia Veronesi

Members of United Students for Change to discuss ideas concerning a variety of issues.

Margot Konetzka, Reporter

For students looking to make change, a new club meets on Wednesdays during lunch that focuses on identifying issues and thinking of and writing practical solutions. 

United Students for Change was started by sophomore Sofia Veronesi, who, for as long as she can remember, has been “actively creating change in her mind.” The club is meant to serve as a guide to activism and a support system. It promotes creative but practical thinking when proposing solutions to issues. 

Participants are allowed to work at their own pace, which helps to increase involvement without making club members feel overworked. 

Sofia is optimistic about the future of the club and hopes to host Zoom webinars about specific topics. 

“I hope that real change comes out of this, because that’s the point,” Sofia said when asked about her hopes for the club. “I think that it [the club] is actually a very poetic idea. The point of the meetings is that we have a support system where we all share our ideas and think about others’ ideas so that we can get to the roots of the issues.”