Ranked first in two competitions, Math Team continues strong performance


Malcolm Taylor

Through practicing problems and meeting virtually, Math Team members earn high scores at contests such as the Illinois Mathematics League.

Colin Leslie, Reporter

The Math Team, currently ranked first in both the North Suburban Math League and the Illinois Math League for the first time in many years, is working to continue their strong performance and has signed up for a university-sponsored math tournament.  

The Math Team competed in the second of five NSML contests on Nov. 4. Freshman Adam Tang, sophomores Jeffrey Chen, Jeffrey Huang and Anne Mykland along with juniors Taig Singh, William Zhu and Peter Pu earned perfect scores at each of the first two NSML competitions this year.

The IML hosted its second of six virtual competitions on Nov. 10, which are scored by adding up the top three scores out of the five contestants in each grade. According to senior Freddie Tang, captain of the Math Team, the team has had at least five perfect scores in both IML competitions this year.

“I think our team is probably the strongest it’s ever been,” Freddie said. “First place [in the NSML and IML] is huge, like, we’re competing against schools with 5,000 kids, and we only have, like, 600.”

The American Regions Math League Power competition on Nov. 19 consisted of proof-based problems that each team works on together, and the team members are waiting for results.

The Math Team also entered two teams into the Harvard MIT Mathematics Tournament, which lasts from Nov. 14-21 and is unranked this year due to the virtual setting.

“Everyone’s been ready to go, right, we keep winning, so we’re all content with ourselves,” Freddie said.