Artsfest accepting online, in person, hybrid workshop submissions


Photo-illustration by Madeline Welch

Students paint a mural at last year’s Artsfest in the hallway between the high school building and Gordon Parks Arts Hall.

Erich Raumann, Reporter

The Artsfest board is accepting proposals for fully online, in person or hybrid workshops through Jan. 3 in preparation for the event taking place March 17.

Brian Wildeman, an ArtsFest adviser, posted a form to Schoology with questions for aspiring workshop leaders. This year’s form asks whether the workshop can be run in-person, remotely or is flexible. The forum warns that in-person-only workshops will risk being canceled based on coronavirus restrictions in place in March.

The Artsfest board is working to make more involved workshops easier online, and plans to purchase and individually package required materials for each attendee of the workshop, allowing students to lead and follow activities that would usually be exclusive to an in-school experience. Food-based workshops will not be conducted remotely.

Mr. Wildeman said, “I think that hands-on workshops, as long as they are simple, would work great.”

Late submissions still may be accepted depending on the amount of workshops already submitted.