Watch Disney+ Original series “WandaVision” for a nail-bitting experience


Trying to fit in in their newly found suburban life, Superheroes Wanda Maximoff and her Husband Vision uncover the secrets of where they really live.

Julian Ingersoll, Arts Co-Editor

A seemingly ordinary woman is shown on screen cleaning her kitchen. Her black and white clothes appear to be in the style of the late 1950s, and an “I Love Lucy” type of laugh track punctuates every other sentence she says.
She is no ordinary housewife. Wanda Maximoff waves her hands through the air and makes the appliances around her clean and sort themselves.
Famous Avengers Wanda and Vision, a newlywed couple that has just moved to the town of Westview from the big city, are determined to blend in with their newfound suburban lifestyle. While looking for a normal life, the couple starts to uncover some oddities about Westview and the people who live there.
The idea of the Disney+ series “WandaVision” is the notion that Wanda Maximoff, the telekinetic and reality-warping superhero, and her android husband, Vision, who was thought to be dead, are trapped in a sitcom that changes time periods with every episode but will appeal especially to fans familiar with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The show takes place after the events of “Avengers: Endgame” and began releasing episodes Jan. 15. Much like in “The Twilight Zone,” where one would be trapped in an alternate dimension, they act overly comedic, demonstrate large gestures, and combat low-risk plot points. This is not to say the show is an exact replica of an old sitcom, because a larger secret is lurking that needs to be uncovered.
“WandaVision,” is more of a mystery than its action-packed Marvel counterparts. Each episode ends with a nail-biting cliffhanger that makes you desperate to watch the next.
The series takes the idea of a perfect nuclear family and forces their superhero characters into that lifestyle. The main characters seem to pick up on their reality’s fake nature, but every time they think too hard about where they are and the world they are in, the show rewinds like a VCR and makes them forget all of their worries and questions. This leaves audience members with the questions, “Where are they?” “How did they get there?” and “When is the next episode coming out?”.
This series is clearly catered for Marvel Cinematic Universe fans. MCU superfans would already find the show hard to follow, so unfamiliar viewers would be lost entirely mostly because you need to know what happened in the MCU to understand the premise. The character development arcs took place throughout previous MCU movies, so the show expands on what was already established.
New episodes are released every Friday on Disney+ and will continue through March 5. Despite the short run time of 30 minutes, each episode reveals more about the characters and their situation. It is unlikely that someone who has started the show would stop watching due to the incredible mystery component that is simply too compelling to miss. “WandaVision” is an excellent series for those who enjoy the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and is definitely worth the watch.