Across all grades, Math Team members earn perfect scores


Malcolm Taylor

The Math Team turnout remains high despite the pandemic, and members participate virtually in local and national contests.

Karina Escobedo, Reporter

Math Team members recently competed in both local and national math contests, continuing the strong performance set up this year. 

At the North Suburban Math League competition held on Dec. 2, two ninth graders, three sophomores, five juniors and three seniors earned perfect scores. 

At the following NSML competition held on Feb. 4th, six ninth graders, five sophomores graders and seven juniors graders earned perfect scores. 

At the Illinois Mathematics League competition held on Dec. 8,  a ninth grader, five sophomores, seven juniors and three seniors earned perfect scores. At the following IML, a ninth grader, two sophomores, five juniors and two seniors earned perfect scores.

Many math team members competed individually in the American Mathematics Competition 10/12 on Feb. 4 and 10. 

Jeffery Chen, one of the participants, said that taking timed practice tests and learning from textbooks has been really helpful in studying for the competition. 

The team prepares for the competitions well before they are held by studying the previous years’ math problems. 

“We enjoy what we do, and we have fun with math,” junior captain Tarini Mutreja said.

Despite the unprecedented circumstances and changes that occurred due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the turnout for the math competitions is still going strong. 

“Everyone is welcomed. We hope that more people show up,” Tarini said.

As the school year is coming to its end, the team members are also preparing for their final competition, the Illinois Council of Teachers of Mathematics State Math Contest Finals, which will take place in March.