Intersectional Feminism Club records segment for podcast


This Teenage Life

“This Teenage Life,” a podcast that started in 2019, is run by teacher Molly Josephs and a group of teenagers in San Diego.

Peter Cox, Reporter

In celebration of Women’s History Month this March the Intersectional Feminism Club recorded a segment for the podcast “This Teenage Life” on the topic of intersectional feminism.

The podcast, which started in 2019, is based in California and run by a teacher Molly Josephs and a group of teenagers from High Tech High, a high school in San Diego. The podcast covers a variety of topics related to contemporary life as a teenager. Recent episodes included discussions about morning routines, hair and identity expression and feeling disconnected.

While the segment was recorded during March, it has not yet been published. Students eventually will find it on the podcast’s website and Spotify page.   

The club came into contact with the podcast after U-High ninth grader Stella Sturgill reached out to the club presidents An Ngo and Will Trone, telling them about the podcast and suggesting the possibility of talking for the podcast. 

Members of the club met with Ms. Josephs and agreed to record a segment on intersectional feminism.

Anyone from the club was allowed to join a call and participate in the discussion in which the club defined their understanding of intersectional feminism, the history of the concept and its modern importance to the members of the club and general populace.

 “We just thought it would be a good thing to do to get people involved,” Will said.