Ouroboros event celebrates new edition

Caroline Hohner, Arts Co-Editor

The printing of the second edition of U-High’s literally journal, the Ouroboros Review, was celebrated May 6 with live readings and speeches for the review’s graduating seniors. (Dorottya Babai)

Students, teachers and families gathered in-person and online May 6 to celebrate the printing of the second edition of U-High’s literary translation journal, Ouroboros Review. The event consisted of live readings from contributors to the journal and farewell speeches for seniors on the Review. 

Students who read at the event read poems in their original languages, followed by their own translations in English. 

“It was really nice to hear both original piece spoken aloud and also the translation,” Penelope Huang, co-editor-in-chief of the Review, said. “In the translators view, a lot of them gave a lot of emotion to the poem and, you know, kind of a different narrative than what I had in my mind. So that was very exciting.”

A strong sense of community was evident at the event, as students introduced each other before each reading, and the event ended with speeches dedicated to the graduating seniors. 

“We really just wanted to make their last launch party really special for them,” Penelope said. “We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for them. And they all work really hard at clubs. So we just figured that we ought to give something back to them.”

A recording of the event is available online, and copies of the newest edition of the review will be available in the English office and can be requested to be sent by mail.