Find joy through a ‘Year of Wonder’


Source: Amazon

“Year of Wonder” allows the reader to discover new pieces of classical music and practice daily joy.

Louis Auxenfans, Assistant Editor

Each page of “Year of Wonder: Classical Music for Every Day” recommends a piece of classical music to listen to every day.

The book, written by violinist and radio presenter Clemency Burton-Hill, practices finding joy in life through a powerful and mind-opening listening experience. 

Ranging from medieval composers to John Williams, the book suggests a piece of classical music to listen to daily, so it always provides the listener with a fresh experience. Accompanying each piece is a short summary about the composer, compositional context and the piece’s style. Whether you choose to listen to a piece day by day or skip around, the act of simply listening with an open ear provides a rewarding experience.

To start the new year, treat yourself to a renewing experience in practicing joy. Perfect for classical music newcomers and aficionados alike, pick up this book as a gift for a friend, relative or yourself, and start listening away.