Diversity Advisory Committee seeks student representatives

Lab’s Diversity Advisory Committees past work includes drafting the Diversity Action Plan.

Diversity Action Plan

Lab’s Diversity Advisory Committee’s past work includes drafting the Diversity Action Plan.

Evan Lok, Reporter

Applications for Lab’s Diversity Advisory Committee are open through Feb. 11. 

The DAC is a guiding committee at Lab of parents, faculty, board members, administrators and a select few student representatives who make decisions on the school’s steps involving DEI. 

To apply for a position, prospective representatives must fill out a Google Form, which was sent out by Nicole Williams, director of diversity, equity and inclusion. Then, their form will be reviewed and applicants will be notified of the committee’s decision. 

Senior Taig Singh, a current committee representative, said the DAC is looking for student representatives who can share their perspectives on diversity, equity and inclusion issues at U-High. 

“Someone who really has strong values or concerns about DEI at Lab as well as someone who has the ability to communicate with others and identify concerns within the student body,” Taig said. 

The committee’s past work includes drafting the Diversity Action Plan, which guides Lab’s funding and decisions for DEI work, and maintaining a diverse faculty and staff. 

Taig emphasized the importance of student-led forums as a place where the DAC will be able to receive information from students as well as give information about next steps. The next open forum is scheduled for late February. 

“If you really do want to make an impact in DEI at Lab, the DAC is definitely the way to go,” Taig said. “If you really want to make a difference, and you want to work with people who can and have the power to make a difference, then you should apply.”