Decrease in COVID-19 cases changes U-High’s mitigation policies


Midway Staff

With COVID-19 cases decreasing, Lab’s mitigation strategies are changing.

Téa Tamburo, Deputy Managing Editor

Following a decrease in COVID-19 cases at the Laboratory Schools, Lab’s COVID-19 mitigation strategies are updating to change physical distancing requirements and visitor protocol, according to a Feb. 11 email from Director Tori Jueds to the community. With these changes, the mask requirement will remain in effect, as was emphasized in a follow-up email from high school principal Paul Beekmeyer.

School and extracurricular activities will proceed with a physical distancing requirement of 3 feet when eating, drinking or partaking in music classes. Students will again be allowed to socialize during lunch and eat in advisory. Visitors will also be allowed on campus for pre-arranged visits but must maintain a distance of 3 feet while indoors.

The mandatory SHIELD testing extends through March 4, and, after spring break, SHIELD will only be used for individuals in test-to-stay or attending a field trip or retreat. 

Lab also plans to send community members home with a rapid antigen test kit March 11, the last day before spring break begins. They will be able to take the test March 21, before coming into the building. More information will be communicated in the weeks leading up to the break.