Unsung Heroes Award honors contributions of faculty, staff

Latin teacher Frances Spaltro receives applause at the Unsung Heroes brunch in Ida Noyes Hall on April 21.

Sophie Baker, Reporter

Sophomores gathered in Ida Noyes Hall on April 21 to enjoy an assortment of pastries and celebrate 11 adults in the Lab community who had been nominated by each sophomore advisory to be a recipient of an Unsung Heroes Award. This event, which recognizes faculty, staff and other adults around Lab for their contributions and character, has not been in person since 2019. 

The honorees were security guard Brian Arceneaux, chemistry teacher James Catlett, history teacher Charles Disantis, science teacher Kenny Fournillier, math teacher David Hartigan, learning coordinator Heavenly Hicks, custodian Anthony Hunter, P.E. teacher Joshua Potter, Latin teacher Daniel Ristin, locker room attendant Terry Shanks, Latin teacher Frances Spaltro and coffee shop barista Ariel Williams. 

Students from each advisory volunteered to present the award for the faculty member their advisory had nominated. 

Sophomore Eliza Dearing was glad that her grade was given the opportunity to express their appreciation for the Lab adults. 

“Well I really love Ms. Spaltro, I think she’s a great teacher and all the teachers and stuff at Lab are really amazing and I love all of them and they care about their students,” Eliza said. “I’m glad that we were able to do this.”

Mr. Shanks appreciated the recognition of his work. 

“There are some great kids here and I thank them for thinking about not just the little guy but the regular guy every day,” Mr. Shanks said. “So I wouldn’t have ever thought I was able to, I guess, be honored for something like this. Unsung hero? I’m grateful.”