To build community, student-versus-faculty games are returning


Henry Benton

Student-versus-faculty games will occur during the assembly period on May 12.

Katie Sasamoto-Kurisu, Reporter

For the first time in several years, students and faculty will be able to connect outside of the classroom environment through competitive games. Student-versus-faculty games are returning to U-High during the assembly period on May 12. 

In the case of rain, the event will be moved to May 26. Participants can sign up via a Google form, and the deadline to sign up is May 9.

Games that will be offered include basketball, kickball, soccer, ultimate frisbee, volleyball and yarn ball dodgeball. 

Counselor Teddy Stripling, organizer of the games, emphasizes the significance of the event in terms of returning from the pandemic atmosphere and encouraging a sense of togetherness. 

“It’s really just a space for people to build community,” he said. “Sometimes you have to do that in really structured ways and be intentional, and be very serious, and other times you can be less structured and have more fun — and this is one of those.” 

He said that having spaces to celebrate that high school students and faculty are back in person is really useful, and that it is important that people have fun, too.

The activities and matches will be distributed across the grade levels to maximize the number of people playing.

There was a lot more interest gained than was anticipated originally, and Mr. Stripling has not yet experienced the event in full during his time at Lab. He’s excited for what it means for the U-High community and also for establishing some friendly competition.   

Mr. Stripling said, “This will be the first time for me, so I’m really excited to see when the faculty beat the students.”