‘The Adam Project’ adds witty, comical spin on sci-fi



The new sci-fi movie “The Adam Project” has just been released to Netflix.

Milo Platz-Walker, Reporter

“The Adam Project,” directed by Shawn Levy and now streaming on Netflix, is a light, witty sci-fi movie starring Ryan Reynolds as the main character, Adam Reed. After stealing a spaceship in 2050, Adam plans to travel back in time to 2018 to prevent his wife Laura, played by Zoe Saldana, from dying. Adam’s witty comebacks and amusing remarks make the movie enjoyable even during the most tense of scenes.

Aside from the comical aspect of the movie, like many other time-travel films, “The Adam Project” gets progressively more confusing as they continue to time travel. Mr. Reynolds does a great job of keeping the viewer entertained even through the most confusing parts of the movie. All the characters work well together to provide an enjoyable, somewhat confusing film.

Adam, a pilot, wants to travel back in time to save his wife from dying. After crash landing four years too late, Adam teams up with his 12-year-old self in order to get back on his journey. Soon after, Maya Sorian, played by Catherine Keener, the leader of the dystopian future, attacks Adam and his younger self looking to bring Adam back to the future.

After seeing Laura, they both decide that the only way to fix the situation is to go even farther back in time to prevent time travel from ever being invented. They plan to stop Adam’s father, played by Mark Ruffalo, and the professor who created time travel to scrap the project. Whew! 

This twisted and complicated plot keeps the viewer entertained throughout — although it may get confusing at times. Along with its many twists and turns, the plot of this movie remains very unpredictable with surprise attacks and nail-biters around every corner. 

The characters themselves are thought out very well as they all serve their own purposes throughout the movie. Adam uses his quick-witted comebacks to keep the mood light and comical during the entire film. Mr. Reynolds does a great job conveying purpose and comedy through his character at the same time. 

Adam’s younger self carries out the role of keeping future Adam in line throughout his journeys extremely well. He uses his pre-existing knowledge of time travel to assist Adam in escaping Maya in order to get back to the future safely with his wife. The acting itself is amazing as he is able to convey his knowledge of the many subjects while still seeming like a real kid.

Laura, who comes back into the picture about a quarter of the way through the movie, plays somewhat of a saving grace role for Adam — someone who gets him out of all the tough spots he finds himself in. Ms. Saldana executes her role as a selfless wife who understands right from wrong very well.

Mr. Reynolds plays his role very well in this thrilling sci-fi movie across time. Watching the obscure relationship between Adam and his younger self grow into a true partnership makes this witty, confusing sci-fi movie definitely worth it.