Class of 2026 elects Student Council officers


Ellis Calleri

Newly elected ninth grade class president Sahana Agarwal addresses her classmates during student council election speeches on Oct. 6.

Mia Lipson, Assistant Editor

The Class of 2026 elected Sahana Agarwal as class president, Delaney Connell as vice president, and Clara Blucher and Sophie Li as Cultural Union representatives on Oct. 7.

A week of campaigning concluded with an 80.4% election turnout after candidates shared their goals for student government in speeches on Oct. 6 at lunch.

Sahana wishes to bring a fresh perspective to the position and work on helping the overall mental health of her class.

“I understand the feeling of not being heard by Student Council,” Sahana said. “I hope to work with students to ease their academic pressures.”

Clara would like to improve school dances by incorporating some of her peers’ ideas.

“I hope to work to improve the overall mental health of our community,” Clara said. “I also want to organize events that can highlight and raise our school spirit.”