Artsfest board solicits session ideas

Nikhil Patel, Assistant Editor

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In an effort to make sure the annual Artsfest is as enjoyable and diverse as possible, organizers are asking students to submit workshop ideas they would like to see offered or even that they could teach.

Submissions will remain open for approximately another two weeks on the Artsfest website,

“It’s the only day of the high school where the students decide the whole day for themselves,” Brian Wildeman, faculty sponsor for the event, said. “That’s how I try to motivate people. This is your day, so get involved with making it great!”

Alyssa Hannah, head of marketing on the Artsfest committee, suggested that students submit ideas help to make the day better.

Alyssa Hannah

“Submitting your workshop ideas help you get control over your day,” Alyssa said. “Often times people don’t sign up quick enough or they don’t really like the workshops that are offered, and they don’t end up enjoying Artsfest. Artsfest is really cool and a lot of people will enjoy it, but if you have a good idea you can end up making your day better and a lot of other people’s day better.”

The selection process involves the committee, Mr. Wildeman and Dean of Students Ana Campos, according to Alyssa. Alyssa said unless the proposal violates rules, most workshop submissions will be accepted and offerest at Artsfest.

“The day is supposed to be fun, and it is fun,” he added. “With so many serious things happening in this world these days, you guys, I feel like, deserve a day of fun. By designing or submitting one of the workshops that are submitted, you are deciding what that fun will be.