Model UN wins best small delegation at Princeton

Nikhil Patel, Assistant Editor

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The Model United Nations team won best small delegation award at the Princeton Model UN Conference Nov. 9-11. Although the team didn’t reclaim the “Tiger” award, which is reserved for best large delegation, the team still performed at the best level they could, according to team leaders

While the team competed in large delegation category last year and won, this year the team was placed in the small delegation category due to number of participants. The team won best small delegation and also brought home multiple “best delegate” individual awards.

Jamal Nimer, one of the secretaries-general, said, “We were really impressed by people’s preparation and performances at the conference and are excited for the next conferences throughout the year.”

Some members of the team will compete next at the Harvard Model United Nations conference Jan. 24-27, 2019, while others will compete at the Boston Model United Nations conference Feb. 8-10, 2019.