Senior class to design, paint mural in lounge

Audrey Matzke, Assistant Editor

In the senior lounge, white walls and ping-pong tables could become a thing of the past. Student Council is accepting submissions for mural designs, which seniors will collaborate to paint on a canvas.

This project was suggested by Senior Class Vice President Eddy Rose, who said he hopes it will increase school spirit, encourage people to look after the space and draw a more diverse crowd.

Eddy Rose

“It’s for our grade, by our grade,” Eddy said, explaining why he thinks the project will lead to an increase in “senior pride.”

Additionally, he said the lounge tends to get dirty, as many seniors tend not to clean up after themselves. The mural project, Eddy said, will add beauty to the space, encouraging his classmates to keep it clean. He also cited recent renovations as a force behind the demand for new artwork.

“With the expansion, we’ve gotten a lot of new white walls, and I feel like we’ve lost a lot of character,” Eddy said.

Filled with video game sets, the space tends to get crowded. Most of the attendees, Eddy said, are male.

“As more and more males showed up, it set a standard for the space,” Eddy said. Through the mural, he strives to to attract a more mixed group to the lounge.

Eddy also hopes the mural will give his artistic classmates a chance to have their work celebrated.

“The artistic kids at our school are really talented,” he said. “Sometimes, they don’t get as many opportunities as the more STEM-focused students.”

Ultimately, Eddy hopes this project will continue beyond just this year, with each senior class adding a mural to the collection.

He said, “In 10 or 15 years, maybe we could do something really cool with them.”