Class presidential hopefuls share goals

Why are you running for president? What makes you a unique candidate? What is your previous experience?

Class of 2020


Odysseas Nikas

I believe that I have realistic ideas that can better benefit the class of 2020 and the school as a whole. I was president of the eighth grade, so I have a necessary feel of the system. I am always open to my peer’s ideas and have relentless motivation to make a change for the better. My personality has allowed me to open up to a lot of students in my grade, and through that, I can easily learn what they need and speak for them. Though it has been a rough year, I believe that my relations with the faculty and administrators are above average and I can communicate the students needs well with them.


Donna Tong

I strongly believe in my ability to make change. Although I have minimal formal experience as a “leader,” I trust I have the characteristics of a good one: open minded, hard working, and cooperative. A great leader needs to be constantly “conversing” with the people, noticing what they want even when they don’t know it themselves, and in order to do that, a leader needs to know the people. I believe over my past seven years here in the Lab School community I have managed to get to know every corner and every group in the grade.

Vice president

Eve Grobman

I’m running for Senior VP this year because I’ve been a student at Lab for a while now and I want to use that experience to help Lab reach its incredibly high potential. As my grade goes into the last year of high school, I want to do my part to ensure that everyone’s final year at Lab is the best it can be. I think Student Council has great power in that regard, and I have ideas about how to ensure that vision. I want to bring more transparency and trust to StudCo, and while I know there have been efforts to do this in the past, I want it to have a closer connection to the body of the grade as a whole.

Nikhil Patel

I’m running for Senior Vice-president because it’s my class’ last year at Lab and I want to make it the best it possibly can be. I joined the Prom committee and figured another great way to get involved was to run for student government. I’m on various leadership positions, like Science Team captain, but many of my extracurriculars are out of school. I’ve gained exposure to a lot of the activities done at other schools that Lab misses out on. As a student who is new to Lab and has done many extracurriculars not linked to the school, I’ve been exposed to many ideas for events that would help bring the grade together.

Cultural Union

Nick Beach, Sejal Prachand, Elenor Skish, Paul Stately, Emily Zhang

Class of 2021


Omar Siddiqui


I am running for Junior Class president because I want to build off of the great foundation laid this year and continue the work I started. What separates me from other candidates is the knowledge I gained from my experience this past year and my desire to take risks for the students I represent. Currently, student voice in decision making is lacking. By increasing advertisement for meetings on topics such as event feedback, and grade reports, we can have student voice where it is needed most.

Vice president

Eliza Doss

I’ve always wanted to run for Student Council and this year I finally decided I should. I think Student Council in our grade has been doing a good job and I want to continue that legacy. I feel that I could fill this leadership role. I think one thing that sets me apart from the other candidates is my commitment that I have to make our grade have a better experience at Lab. As someone who has never been on Student Council, I feel that I have a better understanding about how people feel towards the work and decisions that have been made from Student Council in previous years.

Loren Pope

I’m running for Junior vice president because I believe that I can actually make a difference within our school. I believe that once someone who is outgoing and willing to put in the work for Student Council, they can actually get things done. I think I’m different from the other candidates in that I have an actual plan coming into Student Council. The main idea I want to bring to Student Council this next year is a different form of communication. Schoology has never been the best way of communicating so I would like to propose a text blast system to notify students about events.

Cultural Union

Destiney Williamson, Aman Arain, Noor Asad

Class of 2022


Asha Bahroos


I’m currently running for Sophomore president! I am currently Freshman president and want to continue what I’ve been working on this year by running again. I primarily wanted to run to address the cafeteria situation. I want to work with the food service provider to benefit that. I think that’s also what sets me apart because not many people are focused on that aspect- even though it is a pretty big issue. One thing I want to bring to Student Council is the importance of food availability for dietary restrictions in the cafeteria.


Anathea Carrigan

I cannot think of a better way to give back to my community than to be a representative for my classmates. While not at Lab, I participated in Student Council as a treasurer, vice president and president. I was new to Lab this year, and I think this provides me a unique experience which would help me be an effective member of Student Council. I wish to bring an increasingly collaborative nature to Student Council. Lab provides an open environment which we often see this manifested through student clubs and their corresponding service efforts. Student Council’s collaboration with other student bodies would result in even more success in our impact to our community.

Vice president

Zachary Gin

I am running for sophomore vice president because I enjoy planning events and working as a team with my fellow members to bring fun events to our grade and help us build a community outside of academics. I am Freshman CU and I am taking a lot from this experience. This year, I learned a lot about how Student Council operates and the complex planning required to create a functioning environment and thriving community at Lab. One thing I want to propose is making student spaces, like the cafeteria, have more comfortable furniture.

Ben Sachs

I am running because I love to make the school better. I served as vice president this year and loved the experience. I have worked hard this whole year and hope to continue on the progress I have made.  I have served in this exact position before and I know what it takes. I am committed and want to do better always.Everyone should be able to go to their class leaders and have an honest conversation about what is going on. We are here to make our own everyday lives better and right now in Student Council it can feel a bit sheltered. I want to be more open to the U-High community.

Peter Stern

During my 11 years at Lab, I have formed a special bond with many members of the class of 2022 and I want to do my part to bring our class together so the memories we create in 10th grade are the best possible. I have many experiences working as part of a team, and I believe that I can use what I have learned to serve the entire grade as a part of your Student Council. As Sophomore vice-president, I would look to produce social gatherings that are both accessible and appealing to all students.

Cultural Union

Saul Arnow, Kennedi Bickham, Alp Demirtas, Hien An Ngo