New club meets to cook and discuss diverse foods

Ryan Clark, Reporter

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Miriam Bloom
Sophomores Kennedi Bickham and Malcolm Taylor prepare an Indian Potato dish called “Aloo ki Sabzi” at the Food for Thought seminar Oct. 11

The Food for Thought Club is meeting to cook and discuss food from a diverse set of cultures, according to senior Anika Gupta, the club’s founder.

“We want to teach people how to sustain themselves in ways that are diverse, healthy and tasty,” Anika said.

She said the club will host occasionally host cooking seminars each semester, while discussions occur every Tuesday in Judd C305.

“We cooked an Indian potato dish because of the food and culture thing but also to show people that potatoes aren’t necessarily super unhealthy,” Anika said.

She was inspired after hearing a guest speaker discuss popularizing underrepresented Native American cuisine.

“Food is not just food. It’s associated with so many different cultures, and it really defines people,” Anika said. “So I realized that I wanted to explore this more, and there wasn’t a place in the school to explore that.”