Book Club

Meena Lee, Reporter

U-High’s Book Club split into two clubs following an increase in members and a division among those preferring to discuss books and podcasts. 

Last year’s club increased from 10 to 25 people, so this year’s presidents decided to host two different clubs: a new club focused on podcasts and the original reading-based club.

The reading-oriented club meets Mondays at lunch in the library conference rooms with librarian Shirley Volk as faculty adviser. The podcast-based club meets Thursdays at lunch in the library classrooms with Ms. Volk as well. 

Due to a club shopping registration problem, the club was not able to recruit as many freshmen this year, according to senior Lanh Marquart-Matelski, president of the Book Club.

Despite this, Lanh said the club will be more organized than in previous years, and she hopes to get more students involved.

“I’m excited to introduce people to a new way of reading,” Lanh said. “It’s really important to me to sort of get the message out there that there’s like a whole other world in words.”