Representatives crave student input via forums


Olivia Griffin, Assistant Editor

Student Council is holding a series of forums to hear the voices of students — but no students outside Student Council came to the first two forums on Oct. 22 and Oct. 24. However, students have four more chances to engage in discussion.

Students who attend these meetings can voice their concerns related to the different focus topics of each meeting. Ben Cifu, all-school president, and Constantin Carrigan, all-school vice president, were present at each forum this week to hear what their peers had to say. 

“We really want to encourage discussion between students because everyone has their own opinions of what needs to be improved at Lab,” Ben said, explaining why these forums began. 

The discussion topic was homework and the classroom environment for the first week, while the second weeks’ forums will revolve around how students experience competition at Lab. Finally, the forums during the third week do not have a specific topic, which Ben believes would allow students to prioritize the issues that are important to them. 

Student Council purposely scheduled the forums at two different times each week, Tuesdays at lunch and Thursdays after school, to give students a variety of times to attend.

“People are very busy at Lab, like that’s a fact that we just have to deal with,” Ben said. “It’s hard for people to find time to come out and talk about issues even if they feel strongly about those issues.”