Students know, they got a friend in Eve


Kathy Luan

HEAD IN THE GAME. Senior Eve Grobman dribbles the basketball during practice. Along with being a varsity athlete in both soccer and basketball, she is also the MUN Director General.

Model United Nations and basketball, soccer and schoolwork. While others may have trouble balancing all of their commitments, senior Eve Grobman has figured out how to do so — and to make an impact on all of them.

“Her competitive spirit and desire to not just play, but to really compete rubs off on the whole team,” Mary Neal said about Eve, her teammate on the girls basketball team. “I think I can speak for everyone when I say that we really love Eve, and the team wouldn’t be the same without her.”

From U-High’s Model UN to sports, Eve is involved in a lot. Both on and off the court, pitch or podium, Eve constantly demonstrates her passion and her teamwork.

“I think it is sort of a balancing act, and it’s one of those things you sort of learn as high school goes on,” Eve said. “But it’s keeping track of what you have to do, knowing what you have to do and what time you have and how you can allocate your time properly.”

As for why she does all of these activities, the answer’s simple.

“Of course, it’s because I enjoy these things,” Eve said. “Sports are always something that I love to do.”

When I played on the team my sophomore year with her I played defense and her presence as the last line of defense if any of us screwed up was always a calming one”

— Marisa McGehee

Senior Marisa McGehee has seen Eve in plenty of different environments — as  a teammate, as soccer team manager and as announcer for basketball games. In Marisa’s mind, one thing that remains constant regardless of the setting, is Eve’s drive.

“She always gives 100% and puts her all into everything she does,” Marisa said. “When I see her on the soccer field and the basketball court, she is always a consistent and reliable team player, while also often being the star of the game. In short, she is kind, intelligent, humble, ambitious, a star athlete and a team player.”

Junior Sana Shahul, who plays with Eve on the basketball team, also noted her talent on the court.

“She’s been having an incredible basketball season this year — she’ll never say it, because that’s who she is, but she’s been crushing the buckets this year,” Sana said.

Eve’s mindset is infectious, according to Sana and Marisa — everyone who plays around her ends up looking to her for guidance.

“When I played on the team my sophomore year with her I played defense and her presence as the last line of defense if any of us screwed up was always a calming one,” Marisa said.

On the basketball team, she also works to mentor new teammates.

“A lot of the girls on this team, especially the freshmen, look up to Eve as a sense of someone they could be,” Sana said, “because of the way she’s able to mentor and lead the team.”

Although the basketball team doesn’t have captains, Eve has filled the role as team leader both because of her talent and her general disposition.

“People know that they can go to Eve in any situation,” Sana continued. “Which is a great feeling to know that you have someone like that. And that type of that connection was there from the beginning, she just has that energy.”

For her part, Eve says that she’s just trying to emulate her own peers.

“I’ve had the opportunity to have exceptional leaders in my time in high school,” Eve said. “Coming on to the basketball team, and things like soccer, I’ve had great examples of leaders there, especially juniors and seniors. I’ve had a really good model of what I would like to be as a leader, and I try my best to act like that.”