New courses to be introduced for new school year

Clare O'Connor, Reporter

A list of all classes available next fall — including 20 classes across seven subjects that are either new or reconfigured to fit a semester schedule — will allow students to consider their class selections before they submit class requests Feb. 10-12.

The Program of Studies is posted to Schoology before students are to begin requesting courses. According to Assistant Principal Asra Ahmed, advisers will meet with students to discuss prospective courses, aiming to create a schedule that is individually catered to each student’s needs.

Once all requests have been submitted, a team of Lab faculty will work to create a course plan that accommodates each student.

The master schedule is made through an extensive process including in an attempt to satisfy each student. Last year approximately 97% of class requests were met according to the registrar.

Parents of current 8th, 9th and 10th graders will have an optional information session where they can learn about the various opportunities that Lab students can incorporate into their schedules.

Students will also be informed about scheduling options in an assembly on Jan. 23 and in a 9th-grade student information session on Jan. 31.

For the first time, students will have the opportunity to participate in a wider variety of semester-contained courses with new classes in computer science, fine arts, history and science. Each of these courses will run for a single semester and count for a half credit.

The fine arts department will offer three new entry-level courses focusing on things like printmaking and ceramic wheel-thrown pottery.

“I really love print-making and we are really encouraged as teachers to bring what we are passionate about to our students,” fine arts department co-chair Sunny Neater-Dubow said.

She explained there was an interest in printmaking in her Mixed Media classes last year, so they wanted to try it out as a semester-long course.

According to Ms. Ahmed, “You can mix and match, so if you still have a credit requirement for art, you might be able to do a Mixed Media class and a traditional art class to fill it.”

Ms. Ahmed explained this new policy by highlighting her belief in the importance of proving Lab students with different activities that can enrich each student’s life.