Celebration for Lab’s unsung heroes to be held using Zoom


Maria Shaugnessy

Junior Bethany Stephens and former middle school librarian Ms. Oaks smile at one another after Bethany gave a speech honoring Ms Oaks as her advisory’s unsung hero last year. This year’s Unsung Hero brunch will be held virtually but students will still have the opportunity to give speeches for nominated unsung heroes.

Julian Ingersoll, Reporter

Even the global pandemic can’t stop the Laboratory Schools’ appreciation for unsung heroes. On May 14, from 10:10-11 a.m., a virtual meeting will be held to honor the recipients of the Unsung Heroes award.

Each year, sophomore advisories choose one person per advisory to nominate as their Unsung Hero. An Unsung Hero is a member of the U-High faculty or staff who inspires and moves students in their own way, such as teaching captivating lessons or being the smiling face the community sees when buying lunch at the cafeteria. 

In past years, brunches were held in Ida Noyes Hall to honor nominated heroes, and the advisories along with their Unsung Heroes celebrate the award winners. Due to school closure, the brunch has been canceled, but the celebration will continue in the form of a very busy Zoom call.  

Service Learning Coordinator Chimare Eaglin sent each award recipient a letter inviting them to the Zoom meeting, where they would be recognized as a member of the community whose spirit of service and commitment to community building have inspired students. 

Dr. Eaglin made sure that the Unsung Hero award remained a symbol that all faculty and staff are a crucial part of the U-High and Lab school community, and even though no brunch would be held, it did not impact the appreciation that the students have for their community.