Class of 2024 Student Council elections to be held Oct. 2


Anna Johnson

Class of 2024 Student Council elections to take place on Oct. 3.

Téa Tamburo, Content Manager

On Oct. 2, ninth graders will cast votes for the Class of 2024 Student Council positions of president, vice president and two Cultural Union representatives. 

A candidate panel will be Oct. 1 at 10:25 a.m. Candidates are campaigning digitally, using the Student Council website, social media and the Class of 2024 Schoology page. 

Three students are running for class president: Mariama Jalloh, Zoe Nathwani and Sam Pastor. Running unopposed for class vice president is Kaavya Shriram. Adam Cheema, Evan Lok, Sophie Stern and Katie Williams are running for the two Cultural Union positions. 

Presidential candidates are focusing their campaign statements on health and wellness, grade events and amplifying student voice. For Mariama, this is especially important for those new to the U-High community, such as herself. 

If elected, I would love to implement some form of student-led, maybe in person, social event to help the newer students gain friends outside of their advisory or already middle school friendships,” Mariama wrote on the Student Council campaign site.

Echoing Mariama’s emphasis on class connections, Sam wants to create social opportunities for friends during their lunch period. 

“I want to serve on the Student Council, because I want to be the voice of the people,” Sam wrote on the Student Council campaign site. “One idea is Zoom meetings that we will make during lunch period where people can register for specific zoom meetings so that they can be with their friends. Another idea is a movie night.”

Knowing the impact distance learning has on social connections and educational experiences, Zoe’s main focus is on mental health to reduce feelings of disconnection. 

“This year I want to focus on mental health, because it’s super difficult this year. We’re starting high school and it’s remote. So I want to make sure our grade really is connected and having student-on-student interaction,” Zoe wrote. 

Voting will be through the Student Council website from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., and results will be announced later that day.