BRAVE committee invites new members to join, address diversity, equity and inclusion


Peter Pu

Students may apply until the end of October for a position on the BRAVE committee.

Clare O'Connor, Reporter

Students can apply for a position on the Becoming Racially Aware and Valuing Ethnicity committee, which plans the annual BRAVE conference held in May, using a Google Form posted on the Schoology bulletin. 

The BRAVE Conference is an annual conference run by U-High students that consists of workshops and notable speakers addressing diversity, equity and inclusion. The conference is open to a limited number of students who are passionate about educating themselves on these issues.   

“The conference is special because everyone there really wants to participate,” committee member Veronica Godina, a senior, said. “Having a group of willing students allows for interesting discussion and ends up being more successful than some all-school DEI events.”

Veronica said that the members of the BRAVE committee are excited to look through applications, and they hope to see a lot of students interested in making a difference.

“I hope everything going on with BLM right now will energize more students to think more about these issues,” Veronica said, talking about the recent prominence of the Black Lives Matter movement. “I’m sure we’ll see a lot of applications from students that want to do something about all this stuff we see on the news.”

Sophomore Kavan Puri, another BRAVE committee member, encourages students to apply. 

Applications will be due at the end of October. According to Kavan, interested students should apply sooner rather than later because the committee will view applications as they come in and need time to run applications through a long trial process. 

Veronica expressed the committee’s hope to interview prospective members or invite them to trial meetings before accepting any applicants. However, depending on the individual applicant and the time left before the selection, applicants may be reviewed differently. Every applicant can expect further consideration in addition to the Google Form.