Rewatching TV shows offers students comfort, nostalgia


Source: NBC

NBC’s Workplace sitcom “The Office” is popular among U-High students. In 2018, cast member Rainn Wilson visited the school.

Meena Lee, Content Manager

After scrolling through the many pages of comedy, drama and adventure TV shows found on Netflix, sophomore Maya Herron comes across the “watch again” tab. Under it, she finds one of her favorite shows, “The Office.” Despite having watched the show multiple times, she clicks play.

Maya’s return to her already-watched list when searching for shows is not uncommon. With the coronavirus pandemic both limiting the production of new shows and increasing the amount of time spent at home, U-High students have turned to rewatching some of their favorite television shows, bringing them renewed joy, different attitudes and hints of nostalgia.

“The Office” can be found on Netflix until the end of the year, after which it will be moving to NBC’s new streaming service, Peacock. “The Office” is a popular and classic sitcom that follows the lives of people who work at a paper company. Maya is drawn to the humor and the characters in the show. In particular, she enjoys Michael Scott, a character who Maya said contributes to the painfully funny nature of the show. 

“Because I’ve watched it so much, I feel like I love all the characters so much,” Maya said. “Even though they’re all kind of crazy, that’s what makes the show so fun to watch.” 

Maya has watched the nine-season show about four times. She said “The Office” is fun enough to rewatch without getting bored. 

Senior Nick Levitt enjoys “How I Met Your Mother” for the same reason. The sitcom, which can be found on Hulu, follows a group of young adults and their adventures living in New York City.

“How I Met Your Mother” is now streaming on Hulu. Source: CBS.

“How I Met Your Mother is kind of a show I fall back on when I’m bored,” Nick said. “I just find that it doesn’t lose its entertainment value.”

Nick has also recently rewatched a less popular show: “Boston Legal.” Available on Amazon Prime Video, “Boston Legal” is a comedy-drama about lawyer Alan Shore working at a Boston law firm. Upon second watch, Nick was able to pick up on complex plot lines.

“In shows that are deeper or more intricate where there are a lot of things you can miss, rewatching it can clarify things and make you see stuff you didn’t before,” Nick said.

Sophomore Vincent Zhang learned new perspectives after revisiting some of his old favorites on Disney+. On this streaming service, users can watch almost anything produced by Disney, often connecting again with TV shows watched as kids. Vincent’s favorites include Disney channel shows “Jessie” and “Suite Life of Zack and Cody.”

“It’s kind of a walk down memory lane. It’s remembering my childhood,” Vincent said, “I haven’t watched these shows in many, many years, but it’s so different when you watch it now than what you remember from when you were small.”

Whether it’s to find new angles or experience familiar humor or nostalgia, finding comfort during uncertain times may be as simple as “watch again.”