To support students in days after election, committee organizes resources


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To discuss how best to approach the aftermath of election day, students, administrators and faculty met and developed several opportunities for discussion.

Krishita Dutta, Co-City Life Editor

A committee of administrators, faculty and students worked together over the past two weeks to set up resources to support students before, during and after the election on Nov. 3. The group published a list of forums, drop-in times and webinars that will occur Nov. 4-12.

These optional events and activities are made up of Zoom meetings to converse with counselors and learning coordinators, student-led conversations organized by Student Council, election debriefs led by clubs such as the Black Students’ Association, and one-on-one opportunities to talk to counselors.

According to the Schoology announcement, students are welcome to reach out to Dean of Students Ana Campos if they are interested in holding an event related to the election. 

Committee member Teddy Stripling, a school counselor and faculty steering committee co-chair, the abundance of support and resources put together this year was prompted by the stress many experienced during and after the 2016 presidential election. 

Due to the charged emotions that year, the committee members tried their best to prepare for various outcomes and support students regardless of their political affiliation.  

“That’s why we tried to set up spaces for students to talk about their feelings and their reactions and reflect, but also more importantly for students to feel supported regardless of what side they’re on,” Mr. Stripling said.

Mr. Stripling believes these resources are incredibly important for students to utilize in order to successfully comprehend topics at hand — from climate change to racial injustice to gun laws; a few of the many topics that will be covered by the professional speakers.

Committee member Christy Gerst, a history teacher, believes that the presence of the committee was required to bring together the voices of the faculty, students, learning and counseling, and even administration.