Students of color attend conference

Julian Ingersoll

Five students from U-High and 10 students from Lab’s middle school attended a Young Men of Color conference where students were brought together and learned about leadership, and race through workshops on Nov. 3 at Francis Parker School. The students attended with chaperones Hasham Bhatti, an English teacher, and Teddy Stripling, a counselor.

Students from around Chicago were invited to participate in workshops on diversity and leadership. They heard speakers such as Wes Moore, CEO of the Robin Hood Project, and learned more about themselves through the lives others.

 “There’s an opportunity for students to learn more about themselves and to explore ways they can exhibit leadership, and qualities they have that don’t always get tapped into in our school,” Dean of Students Ana Campos said.

Administrators, including middle school Dean of Students Ryan Allen, have encouraged these students to learn more about themselves and others through this experience.