Omar Siddiqui and Adi Badlani elected all-school president and vice president


Students elected Student Council officers May 1 for grade and all-school representation in the first-ever entirely digital campaign and election. 

Omar Siddiqui was elected all-school president. The other all-school officers are Adi Badlani, vice president; Sara Thomas, treasurer; Andrada Nicolae, secretary; Noor Asad, Cultural Union president; Destiney Williamson, Cultural Union vice president.

Omar has been the president of the Class of 2021 for the past two years. 

“I was so excited and happy to be elected! Hopefully, this is just the beginning of a great year,” Omar said via a text message to the Midway. “The first thing I want to do as all-school president is meet the rest of Student Council and get their ideas down in a spreadsheet, so we can make sure our campaign ideas turn into a reality!”

The Class of 2021 officers are Antonio Gracias, president; Danny Han, vice president; Aanika Atluri and Kara Xu, Cultural Union representatives.

The Class of 2022 officers are Brent Pennington, president; Kara Tao, vice president; Saul Arnow and Kennedi Bickham, Cultural Union representatives.

The Class of 2023 officers are Fermi Boonstra, president; Graham Robbins, vice president; Akshay Badlani and Maile Nacu, Cultural Union representatives.

With 87.7% of the student body participating in the election, turnout was down almost 5% from last year. This year’s grade-level turnout was 86.4% of ninth graders, 81.4% of tenth graders and 95.4% of eleventh graders.